An Office Phone System that just Works.
A Simple Office Phone Plan. For Your Big Business Plans.
A New Kind of Office Phone System.

T-Mobile @Work. Your complete office phone system.

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See how easy a powerful office phone system can be.

Traditional phone systems are too complex, inflexible, and far too expensive. T-Mobile @Work is an office phone system that's incredibly flexible, easy to set up, and offers the kind of simple and predictable pricing you need so you can focus on growing your business.

T-Mobile @Work offers:

  • Coming Soon
    No contract means no long term commitments, payments and no maintenance fees.
  • Simple setup
    No special equipment or skills required. Set up your office in under an hour.
  • Simple plan
    Predictable pricing per extension/month. No contract. No termination fees. No surprises.
  • Free desk phones
    Get started with up to 5 free desk phones that arrive pre-configured at your doorstep.
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